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European Elections on 26 May 2019

The European elections will take place on 26 May 2019. Are you a citizen of a European Member State? Have your say on the future of Europe! Exercise your right to vote! The European Parliament is your voice in Europe and the only directly elected EU institution. Its members decide on important policy issues – also in areas which may affect you.

This is your chance – vote!

How can you participate?
If you are an EU citizen and live in Germany, you may participate in the European Parliament elections by voting either in your home country or in Germany for the candidates standing for election. If you decide to vote in Germany, you should note the following:

Who has the right to vote?
Every EU citizen residing in Germany has the right to vote if, on the day of the elections, he or she
•is at least 18 years old,
•has lived in Germany or another EU Member State for at least three months, and
•has not lost his or her right to vote in Germany or any other EU Member State.

What do you have to do?
To participate in the elections in Germany, you must be registered to vote at your place of residence in Germany.
▪If you voted in Germany already during the 2014 European elections, you are already on the electoral register of your place of residence and do not need to register again. If you have not received a polling card by 5 May 2019, you should contact your local authority.
▪All other EU citizens must submit an application to be added to the electoral register. This application must be submitted to the local authority of their German place of residence by 5 May 2019 (please note applicable opening hours and postal delivery times).

Where can you get an application form and further information?
Application forms and instructions are available from your local authority or on the Internet at

What should you do if you want to vote in your home country rather than in Germany?
If you voted in Germany at the 2014 European elections, you must submit an application to be removed from the electoral register to your local authority by 5 May 2019. For information on how to participate in the elections in your home country, please contact the responsible authorities in your home country or your diplomatic mission.