Citizen involvement

Citizen involvement
The city of Heilbronn is breaking new ground in terms of citizen involvement: Residents of Heilbronn have the opportunity to inform themselves about city plans and to get involved. To this end, a project list is regularly compiled and published. It outlines all the important city projects.

Local Agenda 21 
Staying true to the motto: Together for a sustainable and future-oriented Heilbronn, the Local Agenda 21 invites all residents and experts to join forces to improve Heilbronn's ecological, economical and social outlook for a sustainable future. The Local Agenda operates in the following work and project groups (WG, correct at 1.8.2017), carrying out projects and organizing events:

  • Council for Climate Protection
  • WG Housing
  • WG Economy for the Common Good
  • WG Mobility
  • WG Intercultural City- Project group "Heilbronn Gartenkids"

The initiative and mandate of the Local Agenda 21 is based on the UN resolution of Rio de Janeiro, 1992, for the sustainable development in communities in the areas of: ecology - economy - social affairs.

Heilbronn citizen foundation (Heilbronner Bürgerstiftung)
The Heilbronner Bürgerstiftung is a charitable foundation by the citizens of Heilbronn for the citizens of Heilbronn. The foundation funds projects in the following areas, among others:

  • Education and early childhood development
  • Science and research
  • Aid for youth and the elderly
  • Charity
  • Public health care
  • Sports
  • Culture and arts
  • Monument preservation
  • Environment and nature conservation and landscape management
  • Local heritage society
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Charitable causes

Volunteers forum
The volunteers forum of the city and surrounding region of Heilbronn brings together different clubs and organizations. The objective of the forum is to promote and build a network of involved volunteers. The focal points of the forum include:

  • Attracting, motivating, connecting and advising volunteers
  • Sharing experiences and training for active members
  • Honoring and recognizing the work of volunteers
  • Lobbying and public relations work for volunteering

Heilbronn offers a vibrant culture of club life. On the Heilbronn homepage you’ll find a list of different clubs ranging from sports, culture, music, choir, hobby and leisure clubs, including their address and contact details and what they offer.