Integration courses

The integration course is available to all foreign nationals and German nationals with an immigration background. You will learn sufficient German language skills (B1 level) and knowledge of the German legal system, as well as German culture and history (orientation course).

The general integration course consists of 600 hours of language classes as well as 100 hours of orientation classes. In addition to the general integration courses, special integration courses are also offered, including: 

  • Youth integration course (1000 hours) 
  • Parent integration course (1000 hours) 
  • Literacy course (1000 hours)

The courses are funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). The participant must pay a contribution of €1.95 per course hour.

Depending on your place of origin (e.g. EU citizens, repatriated ethnic Germans) or your residence title, different rules of participation and costs apply.