Continuing education, knowledge and experimentation

The Volkshochschule (VHS)
The Volkshochschule is a place for learning and for everyone—men, women and children, and regardless of educational background or culture. At the Volkshochschule you can learn many different languages, attend computer courses, earn your high school diploma (Hauptschulabschluss), learn how to cook, be creative, be physically active and much more. Learning together with others makes it more fun! Just come by in person, or go online to see what courses are being offered.

City library
The Heilbronn city library offers all kinds of different media that you can borrow at the main library in the K3 building downtown, in the mobile library (ROBI -> rollende Bibliothek -> library on wheels) and in district libraries of Böckingen and Biberach. In addition to books, music, movies, notes, games, newspapers and magazines on location, you can also download all kinds of digital media at An e-learning platform is also available. A wide range of events for kids and adults make every visit to the library worth your while. In the main library in the K3 building PC workstations with Internet access and Wi-Fi are also available.

Podcast Mehrsprachigkeit

After the completed construction and expansion, Experimenta offers new and fascinating themes, as well as comprehensively equipped labs, an experimental kitchen, student research center and Science Maker Space. A highlight of the new facilities is the Science Dome that enables 360-degree video projection, as well as experimental demonstrations and laser shows.