Subsequent immigration of dependents

If you live in Heilbronn and you would like to invite your family, who are currently living abroad, to move to live with you here, the rules are different depending on where your family are coming from.

EU / EEA citizens
If you and your family are from an EU / EEA member sate, you can bring your family to Germany at any time. Your family has an unconditional right of residence and may also work here.

Family members who are not EU / EEA nationals need a visa to enter Germany. You can apply for a visa at the consulate. Once in Germany, you will have to apply for a residence permit at the immigration office before your visa expires.

Third-country nationals
If you are a third-country national, your family (spouse and children under 18 years of age) can obtain a residence title under the following circumstances: In Germany 

  • You have a residence title 
  • You have sufficient housing 
  • You can support all living expenses for your whole family.

Family members who subsequently immigrate to Germany will also have to provide proof of rudimentary German language proficiency to be entitled to obtain a residence permit. There are, however, several exceptions. Subsequently immigrated family members will receive a temporary residence title, which will also allow them to accept employment.

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