Volunteer language services

If your proficiency in the German language is insufficient, the chance of being misunderstood or misunderstanding others is quite high. To facilitate communication, the advisory council for participation and integration has qualified some volunteer language providers. These volunteers can interpret conversations and offer information on the different cultures in the following institutions: 

  • All kindergartens in Heilbronn 
  • All schools in Heilbronn 
  • All counseling centers in Heilbronn 
  • Various offices at the city hall 
  • Facilities for people with disabilities

The volunteer interpreters can be booked at the advisory council only by the respective institution. Please inquire at the respective organization if they work with the advisory council and are able to book a language services volunteer for you. Currently the following agency networks are available: 

  • Heilbronn parent assistants (Eltern-Multiplikatoren – EMU): They offer interpreting assistance during parent talks or so-called parent evenings at Kindergartens and in schools, as well as information on the German education system. 
  • Culture mediators: They offer interpreting assistance during meetings at counseling centers. 
  • Welcome Guides: They offer interpreting assistance during meetings at state offices and at counseling centers for immigrants. They can also assist in the filling in of applications and forms. In particular when it comes to the labor market, they offer interpreting assistance for dialogues.They make the structures of the labor market actors more transparent and support the preparation of application documents.
  • Mentors for families with children who have a disability: They offer interpreting assistance at facilities for people with disabilities.

Here’s where to look for a notarized translator in Heilbronn: