Accessibility and inclusion

Approximately 10% of the residents of Heilbronn have an officially recognized severe disability. Even more people with a disability commute to Heilbronn to work, to go to one of the city's many schools or educational facilities, or to spend their leisure time here.  Accessibility and inclusion are of great importance to the city of Heilbronn. Inclusion means that all people—whether with or without a disability—can live in harmony with one another with equal rights and equal access to public services.

Since 2016 the city of Heilbronn has an inclusion officer, who is responsible for all matters related to accessibility and inclusion. In her capacity as the city's appointed inclusion officer:

  • She is a contact person to all residents with a disability and their dependents and an ombudsman in the event of any filed grievances.
  • She advises the city on matters related to people with a disability.

She is committed to:

  • affording people with a disability equal opportunity and self determination and enabling them to take part in their community;
  • ensuring accessibility;
  • ensuring compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • raising awareness of the interests of people with a disability and ensuring that the principle of inclusion becomes a social norm.

The inclusion officer is supported by the Ministry of  Social Welfare and Integration (Ministerium für Soziales und Integration) with public funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg.