City council: 
City council represents the residents of the city. It lays down the principles for the administration, passes important decisions, balances the budget and monitors the administration. Through the city council, the social, economic and cultural interests of the city are decided. The city council consists of 40 council members. The chairman of the city council is the city mayor. The city council, which convenes usually once a month at the city hall, is elected every five years.

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Youth city council:
The youth city council has existed in Heilbronn since 1998. 20 girls and boys ages 14 to 18 years old are elected for a two-year term, who are responsible for representing the interests of the youth in Heilbronn. The youth city council meets approximately once per month. The meetings are usually open to the public. Guests are welcome to attend the open meetings. More information on the youth city council.

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District advisory board:
In each district of Heilbronn there is a district advisory board consisting of 10 members that advises the city council and administration in important issues concerning its district. Its members are elected by the city council after every municipal election in accordance with the election results. More information on the city council and documents.

Advisory council for participation and integration:
The advisory council for participation and integration in Heilbronn has a total of 20 members, seven of which are from the city council and 13 experienced residents with a history of immigration. The council was first established in 2008 and is responsible for improving the participation and integration of the residents of Heilbronn who have different cultural backgrounds. The advisory council meets three times a year and participates in various work groups. The administrative department for participation and integration is in charge of the advisory council. Further information on the advisory council for participation and integration.