Administrative offices

In addition to the central administrative office in the city hall you will find an administrative office in every district of Heilbronn. Further city offices and facilities are located in different public buildings, mostly downtown, including the office for family, youth and senior citizens, as well as the municipal regulatory office (Ordnungsamt). The building inspection offices are located in the technical city hall (Technisches Rathaus). All the important offices and facilities and their addresses are listed below under the corresponding topics. The small city maps can also help you navigate your way around the town.

Here is what you can do at the public administration offices:


  • Register a new domicile when moving,
  • apply for a passport and identification card,
  • criminal record check,
  • excerpt from a commercial registry,
  • notarize copies and signatures,
  • turn in lost-and-found items,
  • get information on waste management,
  • get affidavit of support forms for inviting foreigners,
  • register a dog.

Living and social services:

  • Apply for a state and city family pass,
  • get applications for housing, child-raising and family allowances.

Trade and transport:

  • For questions regarding a driver’s license,
  • register or cancel a business,
  • get a temporary restaurant permit,
  • fishing license,
  • parking permit for residents and severely disabled.

Various application forms, e.g. certificate of eligibility to public housing or income tax return form, are also available at the public administration offices.

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