Chamber of skilled trades (HWK)

The Chamber of skilled trades is the competent office for all skilled trades. If you obtained your skilled trade abroad, this is where you will find help getting your qualifications recognized in Germany in accordance with the German Federal Recognition Act (Berufsqualifikationsfeststellungsgesetz - BQFG), from filling out your application to the completion of the recognition procedure. Through an individual and thorough consultation, the recognition procedure will be explained to you in detail and you will receive information on what opportunities are available to you. Once the recognition procedure is complete, you can take advantage of further training opportunities to complete or enhance your professional qualifications, in the case that not all of your qualifications have been recognized. The HWK will help you find the training, and financial assistance opportunities that are right for you. If your qualifications are officially recognized, you can enroll in further training programs such as a master's certificate in your trade at any time.