Day-care services for children

Day-care services for young children
Heilbronn has numerous Kindergartens and day-care centers to choose from for children ages one to six years old. There is even some day-care availability for children even younger than that. Alternatively, you can also leave your child with a child minder. What is also unique about Heilbronn is its zero-fee Kindergartens for all children ages 3 years and up. And if you require a babysitter for only a few hours, there are several babysitter agencies in Heilbronn to choose from.

Day-care services for school children
To avoid long travel distances to school, there is an elementary school in each city district. All primary schools and most secondary schools in the city offer all-day care and lunch in the school cafeteria. You can also rest assured that your children are in good hands in after-school city youth recreation centers.