Applications and curriculum vitae

Once you have found an interesting job advertisement, you will have to write an application. In Germany, an application consists of: 

  • a cover letter 
  • a CV and 
  • references

The cover letter is where you describe any relevant qualifications for the position that you may have and why you’re applying for the job.The CV should contain a short summary of all important stages of your life. An application should also include translated secondary and post-secondary school certificates as well as any professional accreditations. Your chances of getting the job usually depend on your qualifications and how well you speak German. It is also important to have any academic degree or professional qualifications that you may have earned officially recognized (seeRecognition of professional qualifications).

You can receive assistance with your application, as well as tips and information on the application process in the BiZ (see Information Center for Professionals – BiZ), from the employment agency, and from counseling centers for immigrants (see Counseling centers for immigrants) in Heilbronn.