Heilbronn, a city of diversity

City districts according to residents
The city of Heilbronn consists of nine districts that are home to people from over 150 nations from around the world. Each district has its own flare, social gathering place and its own unique culture. In 1970 with the adoption of the smallest district, Klingenberg, Heilbronn achieved city status.

Economic epicenter
Thanks to its excellent transportation infrastructure and its highly innovative potential, Heilbronn is one of Baden-Württembergs most important economic centers. A wide variety of industries ranging from machine and automobile manufacturing to the packaging industry, to electronics and the food industry is represented by world-class manufacturers and businesses in the region that export high-quality products “made in Heilbronn” throughout the world.

The green city on the Neckar
The green landscape along the Neckar runs straight through the city center, filling it with life and vitality. The picturesque promenade along the riverbank is a popular route for taking a stroll or going on a bicycle tour. The Neckar also offers a number of opportunities for a variety of water sports. And with the Bundesgartenschau (German federal horticulture show) scheduled to take place in Heilbronn in 2019, the Neckar will be inching even closer to the city.

Wine city
Surrounded by vineyards on the gentle sloping hills around the city, Heilbronn has a centuries-rich tradition of viticulture and is well known for its fantastic wines. The region's wine tastes best in a typical “Besenwirtschaft” (seasonal wine tavern) or at the popular "Weindorf" (city wine festival) outside the city hall.