Welcoming remarks from Advisory council for participation and integration

Dear new resident,

successful integration begins with an open and inclusive culture. However, that in itself is not enough. What is needed for people from foreign countries to be able to integrate here is good organization and a positive attitude towards the new arrivals. And getting to know one another is not only important at the beginning stages, but should be seen more as a continual process to ensure a peaceful coexistence in variety and interculturality.

This is what the advisory council for participation and integration has to say on the subject: “It is our job to mediate between the different cultures through ongoing dialog. We strive to make sure that the citizens of Heilbronn can live in harmony together regardless of where they come from, because the diversity of cultures is every bit a part of the identity of this city, as are the fashionable Käthchen and the impressive St. Kilian’s Church.
We want all people from all nations who live here to feel at home in Heilbronn and we are actively and aggressively committed to that goal. The advisory council also sees itself as a network of cultures to the benefit of all citizens and residents of Heilbronn.”

In the name of Advisory council for participation and integration