Local media

“Heilbronner Stadtzeitung” (Heilbronn city newspaper)
The “Heilbronner Stadtzeitung” is the official city newspaper of Heilbronn. It is delivered to every household in Heilbronn, free of charge, once every two weeks. It contains, for example, public tenders and official notices. It also has an extensive editorial that reports on current topics from all departments of the city administration offices. The following local newspapers and magazines are also distributed in Heilbronn:

  • The Heilbronner Stimme is the leading daily newspaper for Heilbronn region .
  • Hanix, the community magazine, is aimed at all open-minded people, offering an alternative viewpoint on Heilbronn.
  • Echo, the ad newspaper for the city and its surrounding region is published every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Moritz, the city magazine, has the highest circulation in Baden-Württemberg and is provided free of charge.

Radio Ton
The radio station has its headquarters in Heilbronn, which reports on regional topics.

Südwestrundfunk (SWR) Studio Heilbronn
The SWR radio broadcasting company also has a studio in Heilbronn. It sends the complete programming of SWR and ARD via Internet, television and radio.

L-TV is a local television broadcaster. It reports daily on current events, cultural topics and sports news.