Heilbronn is well equipped with a tightly knit network of medical clinics, practitioners and health insurance providers across the city. In total there are some 550 practising doctors in Heilbronn, medical professionals ranging from general practitioners to specialists for cardiology, neurology and radiology. The city of Heilbronn and surrounding region is served by a number of hospitals and walk-in clinics including the SLK-Kliniken Heilbronn GmbH with four locations and over 1,600 beds, while the largest medical facility serving the region is the Gesundbrunnen hospital in Heilbronn. A list of all practising doctors in the city of Heilbronn and surrounding region can be found on the homepage of the city of Heilbronn. A list of languages that the health professionals are able to serve you in is also listed there.

Directory of doctors

Health department
The municipal health department is a services facility for the citizens and residents of Heilbronn. It provides information on healthy lifestyles, health hazards and disease prevention. Focal points of the municipal health department include:

  • Public health services
  • Health and safety protection
  • Youth medical services
  • Youth dental services
  • Health promotion and consulting services

Emergency pharmacies

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