Learning opportunities at the Heilbronn library

The Heilbronn library offers numerous learning materials and language courses, including learning materials for the subject German as a foreign language. The library offers online language courses from their Website https://stadtbibliothek.heilbronn.deYou can learn English, French, Spanish, Italian and German from the comfort of your own home or on the go. The video courses teach vocabulary and grammar at different levels. You can also make use of the workstations at the library located in the K3 building downtown. PC workstations and laptops are available with text and image processing, as well as scanners and printers. Wi-Fi access is also available. The library team will help you pick out the appropriate learning program, and assist you with the online catalog.

Treffpunkt Deutsch, a conversational group, meets every Monday at 3 p.m. in the Volkshochschule Heilbronn (Im Deutschhof, Kirchbrunnenstr.12). The conversation group is open to everyone who is learning German and would like the opportunity to speak more German.

Volunteer workers lead the conversations. Registration is not required.

Further informations: https://www.treffpunkt-deutsch.org/