Social security

In Germany, nearly 90 percent of the population are either required by law to make social insurance contributions or they are insured voluntarily. The German social security system is a statutory insurance system. It insures against major risks and consequences due to sickness, unemployment, aging and accidents at work. The following insurances are included in the social security: 

  • The statutory unemployment insurance, which ensures sustenance in the event of unemployment. 
  • The statutory pension insurance provides income during the age of retirement and also in the event of a disability preventing you from being able to work or in the event of death to the benefit of any surviving dependents. 
  • The statutory health insurance helps to ensure and restore health, and alleviates the effects of sickness and disease. 
  • The statutory accident insurance offers rehabilitation in the case of a work accident. 
  • The statutory long-term care insurance ensures financial support to people in need of care.

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