Immigrant organizations



People from over 150 different countries of origin live together in Heilbronn. This is also evident in everyday life. There are some 50 active migrant organizations offering a wide range of different activities in the areas of culture, religion, sports, recreation and further education. Many of these organizations also provide native language instruction.

A highlight in Heilbronn is the annual Festival of Cultures "Meeting Europe" (Treffpunkt Europa) at the Kiliansplatz. Several clubs join together to invite Germans and new residents of Heilbronn to come together to enjoy folklore, music and good food.

If you need more information on who to contact and what clubs there are, you can contact the Heilbronn advisory council for participation and integration directly at

Since July 2017 there is an umbrella association of migrant organizations in Heilbronn. The intention of the umbrella association is to offer a platform for intercultural dialog, to give a collective voice to immigrants in the community and to raise awareness in the host communities of the needs of the settling immigrants. If you represent a migrant organization and would like to join the umbrella association, please contact the office of the migrant association

Here you can find just about all that Heilbronn has to offer on sporting, cultural, musical and hobby and leisure clubs and their contact details.