Free trial ticket

Welcome to HNV

Have you just recently moved to Heilbronn and don’t use the public transportation system yet? Then get your special welcome package now! Your free trial ticket, the SchnupperTicket.

The SchnupperTicket is not a standard ticket offer, but a free trial period. The SchnupperTicket lets you take advantage of the HNV public transportation network, including both bus and tram lines, for free and without any obligations!

Here’s how it works: First register at one of the Heilbronn public administration offices, where you will receive an HNV-Paket as a new resident of Heilbronn that contains information on the city’s public transportation. The HNV-Paket includes a SchnupperTicket application card per family member (adults and children ages 6 and up). Fill out the application card by entering your full name, your new address and the start date. Your personal trial period for using the buses and trams in the HNV network commences with the start date. Either send the completed application cards in the mail or submit them in person to the NHV. You will then receive your personal SchnupperTicket trial which will enable you to use the HNV public transportation network for two weeks free of charge.

HNV will assist you and answer any questions you may have during your trial period.

Anyone interested in using public transportation can contact the Heilbronner Hohenloher Haller Nahverkehr (NHV). The city trams, buses and numerous regional busses, made up of a network of 21 transportation companies, connect Heilbronn with the region, ensuring sustainable and environment-friendly mobility. The network of buses, trains and trams in the HNV region offer impressive flexibility: a city bus generally runs every 15 minutes, city trams every 20 minutes, and regional buses and trains every 30 minutes. You can get a schedule online and in HNV customer centers.

For more useful information on sustainable mobility for new residents go to (currently only in German). Sustainable mobility also includes pedestrians and cyclists.