Counseling center for accreditation of foreign professional qualifications

Since 2012, there are new opportunities in the labor market for people living in Germany who have obtained their professional qualifications abroad. If you would like to have your qualifications recognized in Heilbronn, you can receive competent consultation in the Welcome Center Heilbronn-Franken. The counseling center for accreditation of foreign professional qualifications by the Workers Welfare Association (AWO) Stuttgart offers regular office hours. The consultation will provide you with information on the recognition process and its benefits, including: 

  • Which requirements need to be met for the procedure 
  • Help to find an equivalent German profession that matches your qualifications 
  • Help to find the appropriate office depending on your professional qualifications 
  • Help to gather the necessary documents and forms, and 
  • Help in calculating the costs and determining opportunities of financial assistance.

They will also inform you on available qualification opportunities to ensure full recognition. By having your qualifications recognized you will improve your chances of being hired for positions of skilled work. Counselling is open and free to anyone, regardless of citizenship or residence status.

Further information and dates:

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