Sports & Games

Heilbronn offers children all sorts of opportunities to play and run around at 139 playgrounds and playing fields. Some of the largest playgrounds and parks are:

  • Wertwiesenpark North & South
  • Pfühlpark
  • Ziegeleipark
  • Corell’sche Inseln
  • Playground/playing field Silcherplatz Talheimer-Straße

Swimming pools
In Heilbronn, the indoor swimming pools Soleo and in Biberach are open all year long, and the outdoor pools are open from May to September.

Kolbenschmidt Arena (ice rink)
The Kolbenschmidt Arena ice rink is usually open open from September to April. Not only can you go skating here, but you can also watch Heilbronn’s professional ice hockey team the Heilbronner Falken play in the second division ice hockey league.

Kletterarena (climbing arena)
The Kletterarena is an indoor climbing arena for beginners and advanced to professional climbers.

Inline routes and skate parks
Several skate parks, e.g. at the Theresienwiese and Wertwiesenpark, offer loads of fun on wheels.

Mini golf courses
Mini golf courses are located at the Wertwiesenpark. 

More Information:

Youth recreation and family centers
The youth recreation and family centers of Heilbronn provide in every city district a variety of recreational and care services for the whole family.