In Heilbronn no one has to deal with all of life’s problems on one’s own. The city of Heilbronn offers a number of counseling offices where you can turn to. You can get the help you need to find the right solutions to your problems, whether related to school, your professional career, family or your general health. The following counseling services are offered in Heilbronn:

  • Family and parenting counseling
  • Youth and addiction counseling
  • Women counseling / counseling in cases of sexual abuse
  • Other counseling offices and self-help groups

For a listing of all counseling offices in Heilbronn, please visit the City of Heilbronn Webpage.

Office for family and parenting counseling
The municipal office for family and parenting counseling (Beratungsstelle für Familie und Erziehung) offers parents, children and teenagers free counseling:

  • Questions related to parenting and family matters
  • Counseling for pregnancy / pregnancy conflict counseling
  • Counseling for apparent developmental and behavioural problems
  • Counseling for difficulties with school
  • For questions related to personal relationships, separation and divorce, as well as
  • For other personal problems

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