Museums and art

In the museums in the Deutschhof, exhibits of archeology, natural history, city history and art are put on display. There are also regular special exhibitions that are put on.

Otto-Rettenmaier Haus
The Otto Rettenmaier Haus is home to the city archives (Stadtarchiv) as well as the city history museum. A multimedia exhibition takes you through the city’s history from the first written document mentioning the city to the present day and how the city has developed. The city history comes alive!

Exhibition gallery Vogelmann
The exhibition gallery Vogelmann presents in years three to four art exhibitions from the classical modern up until the present. The exhibition gallery has approximately 800 square meters of exhibition space spread over three floors. The Exhibition gallery Vogelmann works in close cooperation with the Heilbronn art club, which also happens to be located next door.

Youth art school
In the youth art school, children and young people have the opportunity to get involved in theater, try their hand at painting, drawing, arts and crafts, making movies and photography, or dancing and being physically active. The courses are taught by experienced artists, which foster creativity in children and adolescents. The extensive (holiday) program is published twice a year and is available through the offices of the youth art school and the Volkshochschule, and can also be accessed online.