Advisory council for participation and integration

The advisory council for participation and integration is the single point of contact for all questions related to integration and resident participation. The advisory council answers directly to the city mayor.
It is dedicated to all matters concerned with integration. Its staff consists of multiple employees and a number of volunteer workers, all of who are working in the best interests of the residents of Heilbronn who have a migration background. Especial emphasis is placed on a well-organized culture of openness and inclusiveness. The advisory council actively forms networks and working relationships with everyone who is actively involved in Heilbronn. Some of its responsibilities include: 

  • Cooperating with clubs, associations, institutions, residents and other integration offices 
  • Initiating, implementing and assisting in integration measures and projects to promote equality of political, social, cultural, societal and economic opportunity 
  • Identifying funding opportunities 
  • Organizing events
  • Creating materials for the betterment of the culture of openness and inclusiveness (brochures, homepage, etc.), and public relations.

The advisory council is working intensively on improving participation. Whether with or without a migrant background, everyone should be able to contribute in his or her own way.

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